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About our Architectural Illustration Company

     Breault Design Studio is a small 3d visualization specializing in photo-realistic 3D interior rendering for architectural interior and exterior scenes, furniture and anything that you need to visualize.  We will take your freehand sketches, elevations, and floor plans and turn them into images that look like the real thing.  Combined with our strong customer service, we strive to not only do an amazing job on this project, but on future projects as well. 


     Our rendering company is owned and operated by me, Leo Breault.  I first got started in 3d visualization in 2005 as a means to promote the furniture I designed.  I have spent fifteen years in the building trades mainly focusing on high end cabinetmaking, furniture building and design. Over the years as my cad and rendering skills grew, I found myself spending much more time on the design and rendering aspect of a job and less on the actual building.  A passion for design along with the means to portray allowed my business to flourish.  I now spend most of my time engulfed in cad drawings/ 3d photo realistic rendering for architects, interior designers, and furniture manufacturers.  I pride myself on my work ethic and the ability to deliver more than you were looking for. 

      Unlike many furniture rendering companies and architectural illustration companies bidding for your work, Breault Design Studio prides itself on keeping your work in-house.  We are not middlemen, shipping your work overseas for lower prices, everything is done here in the US.  While this may limit our potential to grow, it allows us to offer a very high quality and personalized service.  This means when you call about a change that is needed for a presentation the next day, we will always do our best under any circumstances to meet your needs.