Happy New Year

Recently I was looking at my website and realized I hadn’t updated any images in 4 years! Talk about slacking. So my new years resolution is to keep posting new work and update the blog once a month. Look for a new post soon!

Artisan examples

Had a little fun with the artisan plugin.  It is a very handy subdivision plugin for sketchup.  It can be found here: http://artisan4sketchup.com  A definite must have in your toolbox.

New table concept

While working on a submission for a design competition, I came up with this very simple design for a coffee table.  A simple bent powder coated steel base with glass top.



     After three months of deliberating and waiting for an open block of time to be able to commit to changing all that fun stuff involved in relocating domain names, etc.  It is finally done!  I think everything has a much cleaner and refined look.  The emphasis is on the images.   

New Website

I have finally put together a new website.  It is a much cleaner look.  More content to come soon!